Saturday, January 22, 2011

February is Responsible Pet Owner Month! 
Keep a watch out for local fun and specials to celebrate this month!

Remember that there are several things involved in being a responsible pet owner, including; food, shelter, water, and veterinary care.


  1. Oh gosh. I'd almost forgotten about pet owner month. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. My sister just adopted a dog from your shelter. The dog had worms and was not up to date on his shots. She is now having to pay over $80.00 for all the dog's shots and worm medicine. The total cost of the dog will be $175.00. I have checked with other shelters in the area and their adoption fee includes all shots, worm medicine if there is signs of dog having worms, spay or neutered and chipped. Is this your normal policy? If so then she just got ripped off.

    Concerned Sister

  3. We do not do any in shelter vaccinations. Our adoption fee covers only a Spay/neuter and rabies vaccination. Sadly, we do not have the funds available to cover the cost of routine vaccinations.
    If possible, we do try to deworm our animals. However, this is a process that must be repeated and is not a one-time fix. With so many animals coming into the shelter on a daily basis, it is hard to deworm them and keep them worm fee.
    I am very sorry for the excess that your sister had to pay, but we are not economically able to provide all of the animals their routine vaccinations.

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  5. Yes! I'd love them so much I'm looking to see if you guys by any chance picked up 2 kittens 1 is a calico mostly black with brown dots on it's back and white around it's chest 4 and a half weeks old and a black and white 1 4 and a half weeks old and yesterday they were picked up I do not know what time just PLEASE if you guys did tell me.