Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lost Dogs

These puppies went missing in the Powell area. If anyone has seen them please contact our shelter so that we can contact the owners.

Leo- is the oldest he is the daddy of the other 3 he is about 3 years old he has the markings of a pit but don't be alarmed he is not one and loves people he has a brown coat with black spots on him but he has a white chest and white socks on his feet he has a very distinguishing left eye in the lower part the is like a blue to white area not his whole eye just the bottom part he has been fixed

Milkshake- she is the largest of the puppies but not by much she is all black but has the markings like a Mini Penn like her mom but a body of her dad she has slightly drooping eyes and brown feet and tail she has a hard time drinking and sometimes has to be helped so she don't choke she is very loving but not one to push in to be petted she has a little of a strange bark it is more of a woooooo woooooo not a woof she was in heat when she got out

Isabella- She has the markings of her daddy but she is all gray with black spots her head is a little long she has a fear of people and animals and when scared will let you know she is she also has separation issues and wines a lot till she sees someone she knows her ears can be up but she keeps them down she has very little brown on her she loves to growl when playing and sometimes seems like she could eat u alive but she is sweet as you could ever dream she was also in heat when she got out

Edward- He is the last male and kind of the smaller one he looks like Isabelle with the gray and black but has more brown on his back side and his legs he keeps his tail curled and also keeps his ears up he is a ball of energy and love to play fight he sometimes jumps at your face like to bite but never gets close enough to get you he is always jumping around and playing with his daddy and sisters the best little puppy you could ask for he is also fixed 

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