Friday, April 12, 2013

Shelter Closing

Our shelter is currently closed.

To see our animals please visit the Humane Society of Tennessee Valley. You can also view some of the animals on their facebook page at:

We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused. 


  1. Your damn right its closed and hopefully your director will never be there again.

  2. I hope she rots in prison how could you look in to a poor animals eyes and let them suffer?

  3. I pray it opens back up under new and better management. The animals deserve so much more than what they have received during the past decade with the current staff. All those poor helpless animals, I'm so sorry it took so long for things to change for you. Hopefully no others will be tortured as you were. I'm sorry we could not help you and that we didn't realize sooner what was happening in that so called shelter.

  4. WBIR is giving this link out to find an adoptable pet!! Please update your site and post pictures of your animals that are available for adoption!! The shelter has been open for weeks now and no one has bothered to update this site while animals have probably already been euthanized! Such a shame.... things are never going to change.

    1. Hey there,
      I'm making a trip up there to check them out, I must see this place for myself.....I will keep this website bookmarked and posted with info I obtain. I will post on my Facebook page.....

  5. The Shelter has indeed reopened, with a new, rescue friendly Director

  6. How shameful to know that so many of the dogs that were killed were only there for a day and that they died such a horrible where is Crumley hiding these days?? I believe that indeed she will suffer before she dies and certainly when she does take her last death and she burns in eternal hell. I was helping out in another shelter in NC, its a shame that I just read about this shelter and its horrible past....I just don't know how anyone could be so cruel and to make matters even worse, to think others witnessed it and said nothing while hearing the cries of could you????

  7. What is the number for our local animal control? There is a big stray Lab hanging around my house.


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